With the Stack Enabled™ program, Stack is partnering with lighting manufacturers to embed Stack’s active sensor and signal processing technology into an array of lighting formats. These lights are then able to utilize Stack’s innovative building intelligence technologies to become truly responsive, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.


Our embeddable technology

Choose from a number of Stack supported sensors and drivers, and our team will help you quickly embed our sensor and radio technology into your LED lighting formats.


Designed for your formats

Stack Enabled technology is currently being deployed in a wide range of both residential and commercial formats and supports a variety of replacement lamp and fixture designs.


Access powerful data engines

Stack Enabled partners have access to our powerful data engines, which use sophisticated pattern recognition and machine learning functions to provide insight into occupancy, activity level, and ambient light level.



Stack is the world’s first operating system for sensor enabled lighting. Built on top of open industry standards, partners can utilize Stack's easy-to-use APIs and SDKs to quickly build out valuable systems and applications, or can leverage the Stack Lighting app to get started quickly.


Featured partners

Meet a few of the innovative companies developing Stack Enabled products. Starting this year, we’ll release a range of formats, including high-end residential lighting, innovative plug-and-play LED replacements for commercial fixtures, and beautiful designer centerpieces.