Stack has created the world’s first responsive lighting platform that offers occupancy and ambient light sensing in addition to the comfort and safety of automated circadian lighting. For in-home care providers and facilities staff, Stack's Care platform provides high resolution patient activity monitoring and analytics.


Circadian Lighting

Stack lights mimic the sun to keep seniors feeling their best, and studies show that circadian lighting can even help the more than half of seniors who suffer from chronic sleep disturbances.

Fall Prevention

Stack is committed to fall prevention - Stack lights act like a nightlight to guide the elderly safely in the evening without disrupting sleep patterns with bright light.

Activity Tracking

View important metrics including activity levels, entry and exit events from rooms and homes, and caregiver interaction times. 


Caregivers can receive important alerts if, for example, there’s an increase in late-night bathroom visits or there hasn’t been activity in the bedroom in the morning. 

Community Support

Stack's APIs and SDKs enable painless integrations with existing caregiver systems. 


Coming Soon

The Stack Care platform is available to select partners now and will be released more broadly in early 2017.


Aging2.0 Global Startup Search Winner

Stack's Care platform was selected as the winner of the Aging2.0 Global Startup Search, an annual competition that selects the best aging-focused startup from hundreds of companies across the world.